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Despite a scientific background, Laleh Ameri has always felt drawn to counseling and healing modalities.
She began her training in Rebirthing, DNA Theta Healing (Vianna Stibal), Reconnection and Quantum Touch and later on as an Emotional healing Coach and Counselor using Energy Therapy (a body of techniques that restore emotional integrity by balancing the energy meridians). She integrated many of those modalities in her practice such as EFT, Cellular Memory Healing (TAT and Quantum Techniques) as well as frequency based techniques like DNA Recoding.
The Subconscious Reprogramming techniques she used in her practice (such as BSFF and ZPoint) did not require direct hypnosis.

Although she had very satisfying results with her clients, in some cases where people were struggling with though issues or were stuck in very limiting behavioral patterns, they tended to repeat those issues over and over. The origin of their problem was located far beyond the subconscious mind.
She had reached the limit of energy therapy techniques.
The discovery of Soul Clearing mainly through the work of Anne Brewer as well as Vanessa Ralston and the brilliant results she obtained both on herself and with her patients, convinced her to use it extensively in her therapy sessions. As it seemed to be the right solution for this dilemma, enabling her to help her clients achieve lasting results.

Since then she has continued to enrich this approach by integrating new concepts based on pre-natal Trauma Healing discovered by the Institute for the Study of Peak States of Consciousness (Epigenetic trauma i.e. traumas inherited from ancestors) and traumas that occurred very early in life, such as Conception, In-Utero and Birth Traumas. She was also inspired by the work of Simon Rose with RPT.
With her knowledge of Toltec teachings (a branch of Shamanism) she has a solid experience in assisting people heal the inner wounds that are keeping them from embodying all their potential, by maintaining them in the past.
Laleh has also studied Feng Shui and Nutrition and is a qualified Feng Shui Consultant and a Health Coach.

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