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Coherence Therapy

Coherence Therapy was developed over the last 25 years by psychotherapists Bruce Ecker, LMFT and Laurel Hulley, MA. They identified the built-in rules of profound change and form a psychotherapy made up of nothing but methods tailored to engage these powerful, native processes.
Coherence Therapy is a unified set of methods and concepts for individual, couple and family work that enable a therapist to foster profound change with a high level of consistency.

From the first session, the work is focused on guiding clients to get in touch with hidden, core areas of meaning and feeling that are generating the presenting symptom or problem.
Coherence Therapy makes use of native capacities for swiftly retrieving and then transforming the client's unconscious, symptom-requiring emotional schemas, which were formed adaptively earlier in life.You may find yourself repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over, attracting the wrong person, going through the same scenario in your job and business and have a reduced level of vitality and well-being which over time may lead to frustrating health issues.

The emotional truth is a learning which the person had, often during childhood, and in a distressing context. For example, a child growing up with abuse from a parent may ‘learn’ from this experience that they are of no value, that those in positions of authority are abusive, and that the world is a dangerous place.
This learning is undergone in an emotionally stressful circumstance, and therefore remains highly resistant to change.
As an adult, they may experience the symptom of lacking confidence and never being able to speak up when needed to defend themselves. Their emotional truth (as opposed to ‘actual’ truth) is that they are still of no value as a human being, and that to open their mouth is to invite abuse from others. To the extent that this emotional truth remains unacknowledged in the conscious awareness, the unconscious mind/brain is able to create symptoms which make sense (i.e are coherent) in the context of the emotional truth.

Therefore our goal in Coherence Therapy is to identify those hidden emotional truths that are creating your issues in the present time and bring them to your conscious awareness.
This will allow the brain's mechanism of dissolving conflicting realities to dissolve and eliminate the old emotional truth and the beliefs and the patterns of behavior it had created in your life.

Coherence Therapy sessions are 60 minutes long and they are on Skype. The price of the session is £100.