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Whether you have previous experience with therapy or are considering therapy for the first time, Focusing-Oriented Therapy can offer a unique and empowering experience.

Research on psychotherapy reveals that a client's ability to speak freshly from a bodily felt-experience (rather than from memory or intellectualisation) made the difference in getting the change they wanted from their sessions. Most clients notice that their feelings and behaviour in their life situations feel more constructive as they learn to listen to their body's sense of those situations.

Focusing is a gentle, profound and natural way of paying attention to oneself and others that is based upon concrete experience. It offers a grounded alternative to abstract concepts, mechanical tools & techniques, and the imposition of external authority or social convention.

Some of the applications of Focusing are in:
1. Stress reduction
2. Decision making
3. Finding creative solutions to vexing problems
4. Personal and professional development
5. Enhancing the effectiveness of counselling, therapy, coaching & meditation (or spiritual practices)
6. Adding more meaning to daily life and relationships
7. Enhancing teamwork, business environments adaptation at home or abroad

Individual Focusing sessions are typically 60 minutes long. During a session I will guide you to access your body's awareness of a specific problem or issue. Sessions are on Skype, so please provide your skype handel and the email associated to your skype account.
The price of a session is 95.
Focusing Oriented Therapy