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The Concept of releasing Generational Trauma

The Developmental Events Theory emphasize the importance of resolving Conception Trauma as well as any other Traumas that may have occurred during important in utero stages.
You can also receive unresolved Trauma from your Parents. This usually affects your Conception and the quality of the energy you receive from your parents as well as your vitality.
Very frequently our parents' state of mind and their quality of energy has not been at their highest levels when they conceived us. You may have not been wanted and really desired by both your parents. This in itself is considered a Trauma, even if they have done nothing to end the pregnancy.
Since your body learns by association, it will then associate those bad feelings you had in utero (the foetus can also have feelings) to Safety and Being alive. They will become your basic concept of How Life Is. These unresolved feelings are stored in our Subconscious mind which is your body consciousness. It will unfortunately replay them for you by recreating life circumstances that will make you re-experience these feelings because they have the same quality.
You may feel restricted and limited in certain areas of your life without conscious recall of what might be causing the block.
You may find yourself repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over, attracting the wrong person, going through the same scenario in your job and business and have a reduced level of vitality and well-being which over time may lead to frustrating health issues.

All of those issues will have three components in the form of, a negative belief stored in your mind and affecting the neo-cortex in the brain that has been generated because of the negative thought forms the initial trauma has caused, a feeling stored in your heart as well as in the limbic system of your brain about how you felt and finally a body sensation which is a set of bodily feelings that have been associated to the traumatic experience. These three components need to be resolved for the issue to heal permanently. Otherwise the condition can recreate itself since its root causes have remain unchanged.
And last but not least there are also Epigenetic influences that are unresolved Traumas and negative experiences that are genetic and inherited from your ancestors.
If they are contributing to your issue, unless they are addressed and released properly the block they have caused will not be totally resolved.

The purpose of my sessions is to clear those blocks and traumas in areas of your life where you are still trapped in negative programmings. In this case, you don't usually have a conscious memory of those past events, even though most of the time people can somehow sense them. We will then resolve the trauma that is at the root of your problem and remove any "association" that your body/reptilian brain has made that has caused the trauma to occur in the first place or is keeping it in place, preventing its permanent healing.

Generational Therapy sessions are 60 minutes long and are on Skype. The cost of the session is 135.