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Mind Body and Soul Therapy with Anthony Sircar

With over 6 years of experience I have had great results treating anxiety and PTSD, depression, phobias, sleep issues, social anxiety, OCD etc. Please take a moment to read the testimonials of my clients whom I have successfully treated.

11/11/2011 Peru the journey into trauma healing begins

My name is Anthony Sircar and I have been working in the field of health and well being  for over 30 years. A highly successful personal trainer and sports and remedial therapist, I used a multi-disciplined approach which included  a lot of holistic therapies including reiki. I was always interested in the mind and to help my weight loss clients I did a life coaching course. This led to creating created my programme for weight loss called Evolve which was very successful mind body weight loss system. In 2011 and event in Peru left me with PTSD this lead me on a journey of healing and learning to heal mental health iss

In 2011 an event in Peru left me with PTSD a real monkey to have on your back. Luckily with all my training I managed it but it was hard work at times exhausting, your body in a constant state of fight or flight. Only through intense meditation, yoga, tai chi and reiki did I manage it. Later discovered EFT which helped enormously with my sleep patterns. the problem was I had no memory to work with so I didn’t know how I could fix myself. Whilst watching the electric universe on you tube I came across Eileen McKusick the creator of biofield tuning. A unique method for healing trauma using sound, and I decided to find a healer in the UK who did this treatment and there was only one at the time. I had a few sessions with him and immediately realised the power of this modality of healing so decided to become a biofield therapist myself. This was the start of my journey into healing trauma and the mind. Have since trained in EFT and EFT matrix re-imprinting, EMDR, Mindfulness Now (clinical mindfulness), Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and SINTs(self induced neurogenic tremors) I am constantly learning and looking at ways to improve my ability to heal, healing isn’t just a job for me its a passion. 

Some of my client's testimonials