Biofield tuning

Biofield Tuning Therapy

A highly effective way of treating trauma and healing the body using directed sound, bringing  a more relaxed and coherent body and mind . 

Biofield tuning is a unique therapy for treating past trauma’s using sound and hence release stress from the body and mind. Like most trauma therapy biofield involves working through past traumas and processing them.

What is trauma? Trauma is emotional event that as overwhelmed you to the point that you can’t process the event, it can be a single highly stressful event or prolonged stress. This leaves the nervous system in a heightened state, affecting people on many levels  physically, emotionally and mentally. As with EMDR and EFT matrix the event is revisited, unlike the other 2 though you don’t have to work through it mentally. The human biofield is now recognised in science as actually existing, it is a subtle magnetic field that surrounds the body and like all magnetic field is torus shaped. every cell in your body is electrically charged  and the brain and heart have a strong charge hence ECG and EEG. You can’t have electricity without magnetism, and so we have this very subtle magnetic field that used to be called the aura. Science as shown that when we go through stress and trauma we lose bio photons from the body which get stuck in the biofield at the age of the trauma. In psychotherapy it is believed when we go through trauma part of us breaks off and is still reliving that trauma, which seems to fit with this model.

How the biofield works is the practitioner finds the trauma spot in the field using a tuning fork and staying with that spot it plays the trauma back to the person vibrationally much like a needle on a record , so the body and mind can then process the event and its no longer  affecting the body and mind in a negative way.  De-fragmenting the fragmented self leading to a more relaxed happy individual . The beauty of this method also is its impossible to re-traumatise people so as well as being highly effective its also very safe.