Evolve Slimming Programme

Evolve slimming and personal growth programme

When it comes to losing weight or should I say getting slimmer, the mind plays a big part, so I developed the Evolve programme for slimming to not only change your relationship with food but also yourself . How you feel about yourself how you cope with stress all have an impact on successful weight loss, and obviously what you eat also. The biggest and main issue being blood sugar control, the evolve programme is not a fad diet but is based in good nutritional science and a way of eating that you can stick to. Your relationship with food is also very important, we eat for many other reasons rather than true hunger, stress, emotional issues like low self worth, self esteem, emotional  trauma etc or psychological subconscious associations. It also includes exercise advice gained from 20 years experience as an advanced personal trainer. Included to help people along is solution focused hypnotherapy goal oriented hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques that can be done 1 to 1 or in groups.  You wont find another programme like this one for changing the person inside and out. 

I have always been on a diet of one kind or another and have tried them all! I attended Ant’s class and it was a revelation, evolve has changed my life!
Milica MacNeil
Evolve has changed the way I think about food and why I did not control my weight, being encouraged to exercise regularly has made me feel better about myself and more energetic with the added bonus of losing 2 stone!
Kirsteen Menzies
On the programme I never went hungry or felt I was being deprived, I have now got a lot more energy. The added bonus of losing 6.5 inches off waist, 2.5 inches off hips and a stone in weight!
Mary Laird

The Evolve programme identified many of the issues I had with my self image and learnt behaviours. In fact most of the time, I felt Anthony had plucked my lifestyle profile straight out of my head. This allowed me to address my demons and myths that I had collected throughout my life, giving me the opportunity to break the cycle and move forward on a more positive path.

Did the programme deliver?

Improved nutrition                        yes!  

Higher self esteem                        yes!    

Sugar addiction gone                   yes!

Better relationship with food      yes!  
Positive outlook                               yes!     

Increased energy levels               yes!

Added bonus lost 3.5 inches off waist 2 inches off hips and
nearly a stone in weight!

Lyndsay Wilson

Even at week 4 I am already feeling so much better, I have more energy, I sleep better at night, I dont get hungry and most of all I dont get those horrible sugar cravings!!!It took a couple of weeks for me to tell the difference but now I dont ever want to go back! I would recommend Evolve to anyone-its great, and best of all I still have my chocolate and dont feel guilty about it.
Laurie Cameron
Evolve has really made me look at what I eat. By making a few small changes I have lost 10lbs in weight and 7 inches off my waist! Evolve isn’t about being on a diet, didn’t feel like I was on a diet so never felt deprived.
Rebecca Mackinnon