Treatments for low mood, anxiety, phobias, negative beliefs and PTSD, weight loss and smoking cessation

Anxiety, low mood, phobias, negative beliefs, weight loss, smoking cessation and PTSD treatments

With over 5 years of experience I have had great results treating anxiety, low mood, PTSD, phobias, negative beliefs, weight loss. 

I use a multi disciplined approach to treating mental health issues.  This gives me lots of versatility in treating whatever issues are presented . There is no separation from mind and body they are intimately linked, you only need to see the link between adverse childhood experiences and chronic illness to know how true this is

So healing trauma and other mental health issues needs therapies that work on the mind, body and energy systems in the body. This  is why I use a variety of therapies so we can heal all parts of the person, not just the mind for improved mental and physical health. Biofield tuning releases trauma but can also be very specific to body parts affected by unprocessed negative emotions and trauma. It can unload the sympathetic nervous system of  past trauma that as caused the body to shut down and hence help wake it back up again out of shut down often a cause of depression. I use EFT, EFT matrix re-imprinting and EMDR to release traumatic memories and negative beliefs formed about oneself and the world during the trauma as well as negative emotions held around these traumas. Coming back to the body I teach clients neurogenic tremors for releasing stress and trauma from the body and once they are competent and safe doing this themselves have a great tool for life. Taking people forward, improving mental outlook and reprogramming the mind into more positive state I use solution focussed hypnotherapy.  

Please read the testimonials from some of the people I have treated and hear about the results for yourself.